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utyrolactone Colourless Oily Liquid Butyrolactone For Wheel Cleaner
Product Name: butyrolactone
MF: C4H6O2
MW: 86.09
Chemical Properties: colourless oily liquid
Usage: butyrolactone is one kind of important fine chemical intermediate, simultaneously also is one
kind of performance fine highboiling point solvent, ideal antioxidant, plasticizer,extracting agent,
absorbent, dispersing agent, solid stain, Coagulation Reagent.
General Description Clear colorless oily liquid with a pleasant odor.

Butyrolactone Applications:

1). Used to produce a-pyrrolidone, 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, and α -Acetyl-γ -butyrolactone;
2). used as anaesthetic and tranquilizer, used to produce ciprofloxacin and interferon, as the
intermediate of vitamin and rolicyprine;
3). As antioxidant, plasticizer, extractant, adsorbent, dispersant, fixative and curing agent;
4). Used in battery, capacitor and development of color film.


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