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F-1000 triplex Продам

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Область: Guangzhou
Цена: 100,000¥00

F series mud pumps are distinguished by a compact structure, small volume, good performance.

They can meet different requirements for drilling technology in the oil sector, for example, high pump pressure, large

Engine capacity, etc.

F series hydraulic pumps have a longer stroke and can be used with a lower stroke, thus

Improving the efficiency of water supply, ensuring efficiency, prolonged lifetime of consumable parts for

The liquid ends significantly and a better buffer effect is achieved in the suction line.

This series of mud pumps is widely used in oil and other industrial mining enterprises for well drilling, work and other operations. f-1000 pump suitable for drilling rig 20-32.

Mud pumps are strictly manufactured in accordance with api spec 7 K "Equipment specification well drilling and overhaul", and checked accordingly when leaving the factory.


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